Murasaki Sake Lounge // 紫酒ラウンジ

Murasaki Sake Lounge

We are Chicago's original Japanese sake and karaoke lounge, offering the widest selection of Japanese sake, shochu, whiskey, and spirits in the entire Midwest. There are always at least two Japanese staff members available at Murasaki and they are happy to offer you a glimpse into the sake culture of Japan. 

Our private karaoke room is perfect for parties and groups to wind down after a long work day. We also offer a wide variety of "otsumami" or traditional Japanese small plates. Murasaki is open 7 days a week and welcomes everyone to experience a bit of Nihon (Japan) through our drinks and food.

Early bird Karaoke : 20% off Karaoke

All food and drinks included!

Sunday - Friday : 6PM ~ 8PM

Saturday : 7PM ~ 9PM


-Entire check include Karaoke room charge, food and drinks will be 20% off.

-Cannot combine with daily specials.  Cheaper offer will effect

-Must start before the end of happy hour time

-Regular rate will vary after the end of happy hour time

-Please read Karaoke for the Pricing & Regulations